1350 Solid Fuel (1 Packet)

17.00 NZD


1 packet of original Mamod brand safe waxed fuel tablets. These are recommended by Mamod to safely power your model. Each pack contains 20 fuel tablets (10 runs, well over 2 hours) in each packet.

Solid Fuel is not currently Available.


A message from Mamod UK:

At 4pm on 20/2/24, Mamod Ltd was informed, by the UK Government Counter Terrorism Department, that a new law on the sale of Hexamine Fuel Tablet was introduced in October 2023.
We will have to obtain a license to purchase the fuel tablets from our suppliers. Then we are only able to sell them to customers who can provide proof of a license they have obtained.
Until we have obtained our license to buy and sell the fuel tablets, we will have to put a hold on any sales of goods which include fuel tablets.
To buy fuel tablets you will have to apply for a license directly from the Government website. The link below takes you to the relevant site and will explain more details and give you the option to purchase a license. The purchase price of a license, which last for 3 years, will be £39.50. Let’s be clear – this is not a payment we are taking from you – this is being paid to the UK Government.

The Government website clearly states
It is an offence to supply a member of the public any regulated substances if they do not hold a valid EPP licence issued by the Home Office.
If found guilty, there is a maximum penalty of 2 years’ imprisonment and/or a fine.
Quite frankly, we are in shock at this new legislation. Our supplier, who we have no less than 10,000 tablets a month for 47 years , was unaware of this too! The same supplier also supplies the MOD!!
These fuel tablets are also used in camping equipment – to heat stoves, firelighters often used for family BBQs and many other uses.
Apparently, there was an extensive consultation regarding these changes, and yet we were unaware until last week. This is another Tax being forced on the general public and impacts a long-standing British hobby. We are being taxed on a hobby!!

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